Greninja, Greninja BREAK, Manaphy-EX Translations!

We now have clearer images of the three cards CoroCoro revealed. Thanks goes to Bangiras and Vincent for the translations!

Greninja BREAK XY9Greninja BREAK – Water – HP170
BREAK Evolution – Evolves from Greninja

Greninja BREAK retains the attacks, Abilities, Weakness, Resistance, and Retreat Cost of its previous Evolution.

Ability: Giant Water Shurikan
Once during your turn (before your attack), if this Pokemon is your Active Pokemon, you may discard a [W] Energy from your hand. Then, put 6 damage counters on 1 of your opponent’s Pokemon.

Greninja – Water – HP130
Stage 2 – Evolves from Frogadier

[C] Shadow Slip: During your opponent’s next turn, each Pokemon he or she has in play, in his or her hand, and in his or her discard pile has no Abilities (including Pokemon newly brought into play).

[W] Gekko Slash: 60+ damage. You may choose 1 [W] Energy attached to this Pokemon and return it to your hand. If you do, this attack does 20 more damage.

Weakness: Grass (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 0

Manaphy EX XY9Manaphy-EX – Water – HP120
Basic Pokemon

Ability: Aqua Cube
Each of your Pokemon that has any [W] Energy attached to it has no Retreat Cost.

[W][W] Mineral Pump: 60 damage. Heal 30 HP from each of your Benched Pokemon.

When a Pokemon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Weakness: Grass (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 1

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  1. thood Konohagakure Shinobi


    Greninja Break looks pretty playable
  2. DevinTheWelf A Mach Punch User


    Holy... this water support is crazy... AND FIRE JUST GOT SOME HORRIBLE SPECIAL ENERGY. Smh Pokémon, smh.
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  3. Ms Hugo Aspiring Trainer
    Ms Hugo


    So with this out on an XY Greninja, and with another XY Greninja on the bench, you can discard 3 Water energy to kill a Shaymin without even attacking. Exciting!
  4. Ramo0927 I am a


    manaphy seems pretty good to be in a deck with other water types.

    so basically, if the kyurem EX (ancient origins)has 1 water energy attached to him, he can switch any time! that and the move iceablur(idk how 2 spell) equals good strategy right?
  5. Robin Aisaga Ginger Lillie > Regular Lillie
    Robin Aisaga


    If you evolved Greninja Break from XY Base Set, you could do 150 Damage by discarding two water energy. Even better you can still attack! You could do even more damage if you are able to switch into another Greninja Break. Manaphy will be a great help. I see potential. Also both have pretty nice artwork.
  6. Alexander Degtyarev Retro TCG Player
    Alexander Degtyarev


    Manaphy EX goes right into Regice MManectric.
  7. Vivek Evil Yveltal


    For Greninja's first attack, I see 40 damage plus the effect.
    Or is it only me.
    Purrloin likes this.
  8. Materious17 Pokemon Geologist


    2 Greninja BREAKs with Greninja (XY) as the base. With free retreat you can discard 4 water energy between the 2 of them and deal 180 damage to any target you want. With Frogadier you can build a bench of a lot of Greninja really quickly and stack up the damage even more.

    Hell, even this new Greninja has useful attacks, one-sided ability lock for a colorless and 40 damage, the number seems low, but combined with giant water shuriken and water shurikens and you are out damaging a Crobat line significantly.

    Greninja XY with Greninja BREAK and fisherman/energy retrieval is a recipe for intense control and damage.

    Oh, and Manaphy EX has a different kind of support than I was expecting, but a very useful partner for Primal Kyogre-EX and M Gyarados-EX indeed.

    Don't know where you are getting the 150 number from, Greninja (XY) does 30, and this BREAK does 60 for discarding a water, so 2 water from a Greninja BREAK on top of a Greninja (XY) would at most be 90 damage.
  9. MelancholyFairy Tricky Fox


    Just wait till we see the Special Water Energy
  10. LordKieta Owner of Violet CIty


    Darkrai EX is back for Water Pokemon in the form of Manaphy EX. I'm actually okay with this. That 120 HP makes it not too broken.
    MelancholyFairy likes this.
  11. SaiScott95 TCG Fanboy


    It really seems that people are being too optimistic here. Remember that regular Greninja is a stage 2, making BREAK essentially a stage 3. Have fun just attempting to get it on board, and using 4 cards to do so (3 if using Archie to grab Greninja).

    Then on top of that, it's 1 energy discard per effect, which leads to a lot of discards just to knock out 1 mega/primal. Sure energy recycling has been made easier now, but good luck actually keeping the flow going at a good enough pace.

    Also, sure you could use the new Greninja's attack to cut down on energy discards while still dishing out damage and keeping energy in hand, but that'll only total 140, meaning your opponent has a turn to hit back. Setting up multiple Greninja BREAK won't be easy I'm sure.

    We'll have to see what evolution support we get, but until then, this 'deck' is all hype and no bite.
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  12. Robin Aisaga Ginger Lillie > Regular Lillie
    Robin Aisaga


    Hm, the text was different just now. I guess the translation wasn't correct. I believe it said you must discard water energy attached to Greninja Break in order to deal 60 damage to one of your opponents pokémon. also it did not say one during your turn. But you can only use Grennja's XY ability one during your turn. 60+60+30=150
  13. Materious17 Pokemon Geologist


    Ah, no problem then, as the ability reads right now, it is the same as XY Greninja's Water Shuriken, but 60 damage instead of 30. so 90 damage for discarding 2 water from the hand is the most you can do for each Greninja BREAK/Greninja XY combo.

    It isn't being optimistic to understand how this simply offers more damage than the Crobat line with a little more effort. Blastoise decks in BW-on never had an issue with stringing together Superior Energy Retrievals for Black Kyurem-EX every turn and with this new Frogadier and Archie's Ace in the Hole, getting out 2+ Greninja is a lot easier than you would imagine. Dive Balls and Ultra Balls give you plenty of search options for grabbing Greninja and Greninja BREAK once your Frogadier army is assembled. Will you be able to do 180 damage without attacking each turn? Of course not, but that amount of damage is nothing to dismiss, and with the added support we can expect to see for water Pokemon in this set, it can only mean good things for the Greninja line.
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  14. crowfeather4 R.I.P. Night March


    Derp, I totally forgot, guess I was that tired.
  15. asdjklghty -------------



    But... this all seems cool and all. I don't know how this deck will respond to Mega Ray and the annoying Vespiquen. Grass Weakness is really hurting Water decks right now. I don't see this being viable at all because of Weakness and the low damage output to fast decks such as Mega Ray.

    I also don't see how the Ability lock does anything. Pyroar autoloses to Water Evolutions. Wobbuffet sucks. Aegislash's Ability is harmless to this card. I honestly don't know what Ability locking is for on this card. I guess Bats? But Bat decks typically have low damage output and Houndoom sucks against water. And wouldn't you want to rush Ability locking by playing Silent Lab, Hex Maniac, starting out with Wob or playing a passive effect such as Garbodor?

    TPCi needs to stop printing good Grass cards and remove the viable ones from play. Otherwise, these cards will be binder fodder.

    Last edited: Nov 11, 2015
  16. Apterous Aspiring Trainer


    Biggest news? Standard Aromatisse-FairyBox gets its Darkrai-EX back in Manaphy EX. Now I can run Sky Field instead of Fairy Garden. FairyBox in Standard gets a small step closer to viable!
  17. SaitoGmr5 Aspiring Trainer


    Horrible? Get energy back, that´s what fire pokémon always wished!
  18. MegaButterfree Old Timer


    I think another good side to Manaphy EX that people have probably noticed, but I haven't seen commented on, is that with its ability and attack, it can let tired 'mon switch and get healed 30 though its attack (+30 more for water types with the seas stadium)...of course, this is a more for-fun kind of strategy.
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  19. TheFlyingPidove Missing the old days


    I really like this Greninja (BREAK)
    I wan't to see Greninja's art

    I like Manaphy too
    but, i don't like the art
  20. SaitoGmr5 Aspiring Trainer


    Holy cow this is XY Greninja in steroids, you deal 60 damage from a ability, then attack to hex maniac your opponent, this is so scary. I´m so glad now they didn´t make break pokemon archie searchable.