‘XY&Z’ Trademark Filed

Several Japanese trademark databases have been updated with a filing for “XY&Z.” Specifically, Nintendo, Creatures, and Gamefreak have been named as its owners. The trademark was filed in September but went public today, which we just discovered when searching.

While the new Pokemon anime will be named “XY&Z,” and this usually would not be a news story worth making, it’s curious that none of the anime companies are listed as owners of the trademark (as would usually be the case). The trademark is also not listed as applying to any kind of animation or video entertainment-related category like Pokemon anime filings have been in the past. Trademark filings can be inconsistent though, so none of this is reliable confirmation that the trademark is referring to anything other than the anime’s new title. Japanese trademark filings are vague and can refer to products, food, video games, movies, etc., so it can never be predicted what a trademark will eventually apply to. However, this would not be the first time trademark listings have spoiled future Pokemon game titles, terminology, or Pokemon names (such as “Pokken Tournament,” “Jewels,” or Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion’s Japanese names).

What do you think the next Pokemon game will be named? CoroCoro should leak within the next few days, so perhaps we’ll find out soon!