English Marowak BREAK, Parallel City Revealed; ‘BREAKthrough’ Packs in Stores!

Pokemon.com has revealed Marowak BREAK (#79/160) and Parallel City (#145) from BREAKthrough. Both cards originate from Japan’s Blue Impact / Red Flash, which was released in Japan last month.

Parallel City – Trainer

Choose which way this card faces before you play it. This player can’t have more than 3 Benched Pokemon. (When this card comes into play, this player discards Benched Pokemon until he or she has 3 Pokemon on the Bench.)

Choose which way this card faces before you play it. Any damage done by attacks from this  player’s [G], [R], or [W] Pokemon is reduced by 20 (before applying Weakness and Resistance.)

This card stays in play when you play it. Discard this card if another Stadium card comes into play. If another card with the same name is in play, you can’t play this card.

Many Walmart and Target stores have also started to sell the Mega Blaziken-EX and Mega Swampert-EX Boxes, which contain two booster packs of BREAKthrough. As such, we’re now seeing fans like Jessica H., Cory H., Daniel L., and Story B. publicly posting some of their BREAKthrough cards to Facebook, YouTube, and social media. You can see links to a few of their photos here:

BREAKthrough is our 160+ card English set that will be a combination of the aforementioned Blue Impact / Red Flash, some Japanese promos (such as the second Chespin above), and some of the leftover cards from Legendary Holo Collection that won’t be included in the Pikachu and Hoopa-EX Legendary Collection Boxes (such as the Braviary above).

If you’re interested in predicting the English set’s card list, some fans are working on it in this thread on our forums.

Have you seen the Mega Blaziken-EX and Mega Swampert-EX Boxes at your store yet?