Product Images for ‘Legendary Collection Boxes’ and ‘TCG Chest Tin 2015’

Pikachu EX Legendary Collection Hoopa EX Legendary CollectionPokemon TCG Chest Tin 2015

As I reported in previous months, we’ll be getting a “Pikachu-EX Legendary Collection” box, a “Hoopa-EX Legendary Collection” box, and a new “TCG Chest Tin 2015” this November!

Each Legendary Collection Box includes either Pikachu-EX or Hoopa-EX, five full art Legendary Pokemon, a pin of either Pikachu or Hoopa, five booster packs of previous sets, and a PTCGO code card.

All of the cards originate from Japan’s Legendary Holo Collection mini-set and will be available across both Legendary Collection boxes (you have to buy both to get all of them). The remaining non-holo cards from the original set will probably be distributed into our future sets.

The annual TCG Chest Tin is a sturdy metal case that includes three holo cards of Hoopa, Pikachu, and Chespin, five booster packs of previous sets, a coin, two sticker sheets, a mini-album, a notepad, four pencils, and a PTCGO code card. The case’s artwork features Mega Rayquaza and Hoopa Unbound. Who wants to bet next year’s will feature Zygarde?