‘BREAKpoint,’ February’s English Set!

Rage Of The Broken Sky XY9We’ve just received word that the name of the next English set is BREAKpoint. It will be released in stores on February 3rd. The set will feature over 120 cards, five Pokemon BREAK, and 11 Pokemon-EX (including two Mega Evolutions). The set will likely be our equivalent to Rage of the Broken Sky, Japan’s next set releasing December 11th.

The hour grows desperate and two worlds stand at the brink! The XY – BREAKpoint expansion reveals the growing rift between the twin worlds, first discovered by Shiny Mega Gyarados-EX (MギャラドスEX). As the rift tears through the skies, more Pokémon are drawn into the struggle, including Greninja BREAK (ゲッコウガBREAK), Luxray BREAK (レントラーBREAK), and Mega Scizor-EX (MハッサムEX)! Can they mend the rift and save both worlds from collision chaos?

No. No they can’t. The TCG will end. And what? Twin worlds were discovered by Gyarados? What?

It could be the case that Greninja BREAK is being introduced now because Ash-Greninja may be debuting soon.

I previously thought Luxray BREAK would be released in January’s “Break Evolution Box,” but that’s obviously no longer the case. Perhaps that box will feature Golduck BREAK, Empoleon BREAK, and Beheeyem BREAK? Or maybe new Pokemon BREAK that we haven’t seen yet?

Since Rage of the Broken Sky will contain 80 cards, our English set is going to have 40 additional cards. Looks like we’re going to catch up to Japan with this set’s release!