English Chesnaught BREAK and Raichu BREAK from ‘BREAKthrough’ Revealed

Pokemon.com has officially revealed the English BREAKthrough set, unveiling Raichu BREAK and Chesnaught BREAK.

Last month the set’s booster packs, theme decks, and blister pack promos were revealed in French.

Some details about the English set were also revealed in a press release:

  • New BREAK Evolution game mechanic—When a Pokémon evolves into a Pokémon BREAK, it gets an HP boost and a new attack or Ability, but it also gets to keep its existing attacks! Pokémon BREAK cards have a landscape design, unique foil pattern, and uniquely rendered art.
  • 6 new Pokémon BREAK including Chesnaught BREAK and Zoroark BREAK
  • 8 new Pokémon-EX including 4 new Mega Evolution Pokémon, plus 20 Trainer cards, including 2 full-art rare Ultra Trainer cards
  • Two new theme decks—These 60-card preconstructed decks — Burning Spark and Night Striker — are designed to introduce players to the Pokémon TCG by enabling them to play right away. Each will include 59 standard cards and 1 special foil card.
BREAKthrough Booster Packs