XY8 ‘BREAKthrough’ Logo, Set Info Revealed!

XY Break Through Logo

We first discovered the set name about a month ago, but Pokemon has finally released the set description and logo for XY8 BREAKthrough. The logo splits the set name into two words, with “BREAK” being in gold like the Pokemon BREAK themselves.

The set will be based on Japan’s Red Flash and Blue Impact sets we’ve been covering for the past month or so and will hit store shelves on November 4th, with prereleases taking place in late October.

Parallel Worlds: Two Paths to Power!
An amazing discovery! Pokemon BREAK Evolution opens a new path to power that builds on a Pokemon’s existing strengths and creates all-new battling options! These new Pokemon BREAK come from twin worlds, home to Zoroark BREAK, Mega Mewtwo X, Mega Mewtwo Y.One world of technology, one world of nature, and all the wonders of BREAK Evolution are yours to explore in the Pokemon TCG: XY – BREAKthrough expansion!

  • Over 160 cards
  • 6 new Pokemon BREAK featuring a brand-new game mechanic
  • 8 new Pokemon-EX, including 4 Mega Evolution Pokemon

The Japanese set will have 118 cards (excluding secret rares), so we know that the “160” card figure above means our English set should include ~40 cards from the Japanese set’s accompanying decks.

If we assume the English set will contain all the Pokemon BREAK revealed for the main set and its decks, we can account for all six of them: Zoroark (XY8), Chesnaught (XY8), Raichu (Deck), Noivern (Deck), Luxray (Deck), and Golduck (Deck).

However, there’s a mismatch when it comes to the Pokemon-EX the English set will have if we go by the same logic. The Japanese set will have eight Pokemon-EX: Glalie-EX, M Glalie-EX, Houndoom-EX, a likely M Houndoom-EX, Mewtwo-EX x2, and M Mewtwo-EX x2. The decks, on the other hand, will have Palkia-EX, Mawile-EX, M Mawile-EX, Aerodactyl-EX, and M Aerodactyl-EX. That’s 13 Pokemon-EX total, but we’re only getting eight according to the English set description. Out of the 13, which eight though? Well, the Japanese set has exactly eight Pokemon-EX, so this probably means our English set will only be using the Pokemon-EX from the main Japanese set.

Since it seems the English set will not use the Pokemon-EX from the Japanese decks, it probably means they’re not using the Pokemon BREAK from the decks either. If that’s the case, it means there’s probably four more Pokemon BREAK joining Zoroark BREAK and Chesnaught BREAK in the Japanese XY8 set! Meaning there’s more Pokemon BREAK on the way! This would make sense too since the new mechanic is Break Evolutions and it would be odd to only have two of them in the main set.

So what will happen with Raichu BREAK, Noivern BREAK, Luxray BREAK, Golduck BREAK, Palkia-EX, Mawile-EX, M Mawile-EX, Aerodactyl-EX, and M Aerodactyl-EX for their English releases? Who knows? Perhaps they’ll be thrown into future sets, products, or be released as promos. Since they will all be so easily available for purchase in Japan, they probably won’t be too game-breaking, meaning their release isn’t as important to players and TPCi can shove them into something else for later.