Break Evolutions, Mega Evolutions, Pokemon-EX in Upcoming ‘XY: BREAK’ Block!

As I posted two weeks ago, Blue Impact and Red Flash will be Japan’s XY8 set and will be a part of the new “XY: BREAK” set block. The two sets will be released on September 25th and feature a new mechanic called “Break Evolution.” Also releasing the same day are two 12-card packs called “Break Evolution Pack: Raichu Break” and “Break Evolution Pack: Noivern Break,” as announced in the first news story.

We now have news that on October 9th, a 60-card deck called “Break Battle Deck: Golduck Break + Palkia-EX” will be released. The product image says “Use the Break Evolution and Pokemon-EX combo to achieve victory!” The deck will also come with a rule book, damage counters, coin, and playmat, all for 1,556 yen.

With the description above, it now seems that Break Evolutions are a thing like Pokemon-EX and Mega Evolutions. We have Golduck Break, Raichu Break, and Noivern Break. Now the question is what does the mechanic mean? Pokemon-EX are Basic Pokemon that are more powerful and give up two Prizes. What will Break Evolutions be?

Golduck Palkia EX Break

But that’s not all on the roster! On November 20th, a “Double Mega Break Set: M Aerodactyl EX + M Mawile EX + Luxray Break” will also be released. It’ll come with five booster packs of each mini-set and 14 original cards, all for 2,000 yen.

Double Mega Break Set M Aerodactyl EX + M Mawile EX + Luxray Break

With both these products, we now know that Pokemon-EX, Mega Evolutions, and these new Break Evolutions will be part of the new XY: BREAK block. Exciting times are ahead, and still a lot of questions!

Thanks goes to Franco T. for the translations!