English Kyurem-EX, Both Entei from ‘Ancient Origins’

Entei Bandit RingEntei Bandit Ring 15Kyurem EX Bandit RingAncient Origins Booster Packs

Entei (#14/98), Ancient Trait Entei (#15), and full art Kyurem-EX (#86) from Ancient Origins have been leaked early.

A seller on eBay has somehow managed to get booster packs of the set early and posted listings for the three cards and booster packs. It is unknown how he or she was able to obtain the packs, but this isn’t the first time this has happened. Early card listings were also posted to eBay for Primal Clash, which apparently originated from early releases of the Primal Clash mini-binders in stores. Whether or not a similar situation has occurred here remains to be seen.