XY68 ‘The Coveted Mega Evolution! Garchomp’s Bonds!!’

While visiting Professor Sycamore’s laboratory, Ash and his friends learn that he has a key stone and a Garchompite. Unfortunately, Team Rocket shows up in a Mecha Meowth and steals both stones and Sycamore’s Garchomp! They hypnotize Garchomp and try to get it to mega evolve.

Meanwhile, the Professor heads off with Ash and friends to track the mecha and he tells them the story of how he and his assistant Alain helped raised Garchomp from a Gible. Garchomp also remembers his fond memories and tries to fight off the mind control. Sycamore jumps in front of the mecha to protect his Pokémon, but is badly affected by the hypnotizing waves until he is saved by Blaziken Mask. The superhero gives his own key stone to Sycamore so that he can control Garchomp’s mega evolution.

Garchomp finally gives in and mega evolves, but remains under Sycamore’s control, not Team Rocket’s. Mega Garchomp teams up with Blaziken and Pikachu to blast Team Rocket off and the key stone falls back down to Sycamore. Everyone returns to the lab and Ash and his friends say their goodbyes, while Professor Sycamore goes to visit Meyer and lets him know that he knows his secret identity.

Next episode: Goodra gets into a battle with a Florges to protect its homeland. Will it finally break free of its fear of Fairy-types once and for all?

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