Mega Rayquaza and Multinav in ‘CoroCoro’

Mega Rayquaza’s official artwork has been revealed on another CoroCoro page. It doesn’t appear new information has been revealed about the Pokemon, but the image is too small to read right now. Stay tuned, as more / better quality pages will probably leak!

The bottom left corner of Mega Rayquaza’s page shows a brand new poster for the next Pokemon movie second Mega Evolution special, which airs in Japan on November 6th. The poster features Primal Kyogre, Primal Groudon, and Mega Rayquaza.

Update (5:00 PM) – The Pokenav is now called the “Multinavi” and now has the features of Pokemon Amie and the Player Search System. It can also help you find Pokemon in the wild to register in your Pokedex – could that be what that one trailer shot of the player sneaking up on Pikachu was?