New, Expanded Notes from X/Y Rountable + 2nd Trailer from Today

CoroCoro will probably leak tonight!

Well since I couldn’t get into the X/Y developer conference, I asked our very good friend JWittz to take notes for us! And he typed up several pages! Below you can find all the information that we did not post in the previous post (and more fleshed-out facts). Thanks so much JWittz for helping us out! Be sure to subscribe to his channel for extremely entertaining and informative Pokemon videos!

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  • They want the previous generation to connect to the newest generation.
  • A new lion cub-looking Pokemon that’s Fire-type was shown in Pokemon-amie.
  • You can register up to 100 players on your favorites list in order to easily find them.
  • You can battle very quickly or alter battle conditions.
  • Clauncher
    Clauncher used Swords Dance and Crabhammer. Skrelp used Sludge Bomb.
  • The move Boomburst is Normal-type.
  • You can move the camera around in battle, showing both Pokemon in split screen mode.
  • Rematch battles are very easy to do after one battle is completed.
  • The GTS will continue to exist.
  • “We had to make sure the Pokemon looked like exciting, believable creatures. We decided to adopt Ken Sugimori’s art style for official 3D models.” They then show Noivern’s 3D model. They said it has a bit of a scary face and resembles a bat. The art design team at Gamefreak starts by showing Pokemon from angles alongside other detailed information, such as what a Pokemon looks like with its mouth open. Or what expressions the Pokemon have in their eyes when hit, etc. Then they start with a wireframe, add basic shading, color, and apply textures to match Ken Sugimori’s art. They developed a new shading technique to apply to the Pokemon and to test animation in motion. “Since Pokemon don’t exist in reality, we have to use a lot of creativity to make them believable. We’ve applied this same process for all characters and environments as well.”
  • In Pokemon-anime, not all Pokemon like to be pet in the same places. The Nintendo 3DS camera allows you to communicate with the player by tilting your head and having the Pokemon copy your movements.
  • Using Pokemon-amie can help your Pokemon get benefits like more critical hits or dodging more attacks.
  • The Hoard Encounters do not always have the same Pokemon. Axew, Tauros, and Miltank are shown in the Horde. “What? A Horde of Pokemon appeared!”
  • “We don’t want to destroy the balance of the game by making very strong Pokemon available in the wild.”
  • A video of a Horde Encounter of Gogoat vs. five Houndour was shown. Gogoat knocks out a Houndour, but has to deal with an attack from all four of the remaining Pokemon. Gogoat uses Rock Slide – hits all four remaining, and knocks them all out. This gives you a large amount of EXP. Points.
  • The view shown in from the sky and the ground is down below. Pokemon with Levitate and Flying-type pokemon are available for Sky Battles. The opposing Trainer is on top of a cliff, and challenges you to a Sky Battle. “Care for a sky battle with a Sky Trainer?” These are all optional battles since you might not have a qualifying Pokemon.
  • TalonflameNoctowl vs. Talonflame is shown. The camera moves around dynamically as the battle takes place showing Pokemon from above or below. Talonflame uses Flame Charge – Flying/Fire, defining characteristic is its speed. It uses Brave Bird and the animation is out of this world, showing the Pokemon fly through the air before striking the target. Deals high damage as well as recoil to user. Knocks out Noctowl.
  • Haunter enters the battle against Aerodactyl. Night Shade hits. Aerodactyl hits with Stone Edge. Shadow Ball deals Aerodactyl down. Sky Battles give a high amount of money (5200 in this case).
  • A lot more battle features will be available and revealed in the future.
  • Q – With the advancements in technology – will we see multiple game save files?
    A – Just one save file. With Pokemon games we always just want to make it one.
  • Q – Can you import Pokemon from previous games?
    A – We are thinking of something. The DS and 3DS can’t communicate, but we are working on it.
  • Q – Are you planning on working on DLC?
    A – Are you talking about additional content like Mystery Dungeon? That’s in the top 3 of questions I was hoping I wouldn’t get asked. We don’t have anything we can announce today.”
  • Q – Will there be a story reason why Fairy-type will all of a sudden exist?
    A – When we first decided we wanted to bring the type into the world, we wanted to find a way to balance the stength of the Dragon type. But no one wants us to weaken the Dragon-type Pokemon, so we decided to come up with something that could go against a Dragon, so that’s why we came up with the Fairy-type.
  • Q- How will the always connected feature work?
    A – It isn’t region specific. Anyone in the world could be physically next to you.
  • Q – How many new Pokemon will be showing up this time?
    A – I’m hoping that you discover it for yourselves.
  • Q – Why would you choose to base the Pokemon world in France?
    A – How did you know it was France? (laughs)
    Q – it looks a lot like France.
    A – The new region is based on France because it’s one of the many countries that have a focus on beauty, a major theme we want to explore in the worlds. Actually we weren’t supposed to admit France was an inspiration, whoops (laughs).
  • SkrelpQ – Is there a possibility of the old video games being available on virtual console?
    A – We believe that Pokemon is the best on the handhelds, which is why we are careful to decide if we want to put it on a home console.
  • Q – With IVs and EVs, it’s been very difficult to catch the right Pokemon and it is time consuming. Have you considered tweaking the formula to save player time?
    A – (silence. . . deep in thought), didn’t expect anyone to talk about that today (laughs). In Pokemon X and Y we are going to make these hidden specs more visible and easier for players to access.
  • Q (JWittz’s) – I noticed that the female avatar changes clothing in the game introduction. How deep will player customization be?
    A – (pause) Good eye for catching that! (laughs) We have made the games in a way where you can change your hair style and set your appearance in many ways. We did that so that players will look unique on the PSS avatar screen.
  • Q – Why is the game still locked to a grid?
    A – It’s a lot easier to plot out when scripted events will happen. HOWEVER, using the analogue pad with the rollerskates movement is much more free (8 directions, etc)
  • Q- Hi my name is Ash (everyone laughs). Yes it’s actually Ash! What do you prioritize when making the music, and are you looking to add new musical styles?
    A – We want to take the style of streaming music – the feeling of music will be quite different. The music that we create in our production environment will be able to play directly on the 3DS, we aren’t restricted by game limitations.
  • Q – Could you go into detail about how Mewtwo goes in new formes? Would you like him to be in Smash Bros.?
    A – Long pauses, lots of laughs. I can’t really explain WHAT that Pokemon you’re talking about was or if it will appear in other games as well. But with Smash Brothers we always carefully decide which characters we want to add.
  • Q – what will the evil team or rival be like?
    A – There PROBABLY will be some kind of evil team. (laughs) You can expect to see a team “something.” There are characters that occupy the rival position, but we want the games to be about having fun with a bunch of people. There might be multiple rivals.
  • Q – Will a friend on the PSS automatically make you a friend on the 3DS?
    A – It might be a good idea to register your friends in advance, because your 3DS firends will be on your PSS list right away.
  • Q – What kinds of transportation will there be?
    A – There will be a lot of new gems we won’t reveal yet. It depends on the place, a lot of these new systems are localized.
  • Q – When it comes to battling online, will you be able to see your opponent’s team before you battle them in order to help formulate a strategy?
    A – In order to avoid confusion, online battles will be the pretty much same in X and Y as the previous games. However, a new feature for the internet battles will allow you to select a different song to play while you’re in battle.
  • Q – We saw trainers riding a Gogoat jumping over a barrier and a player riding a slow moving Rhydon. What are the benefits to iding a pokemon vs. the bike in earlier games?
    A – The other Pokemon you saw was actually Rhyhorn, not Rhydon (burn). Maybe a big rocky Pokemon will help you cross broken paths that you might not be able to cross with a bike alone. He’ll allow you to bust up rocks along your way across your path. Rhyhorn was the Pokemon I personally always wanted to ride. If there was a Rhyhorn here in real life I’m sure you’d like to ride him as well. (WPM Note: o_O)