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The X and Y roundtable event will begin at 6:00 PM, PST (look at the top left of the site to see when that is). From what I understand, no recordings of any kind are allowed in the room except for note taking. Invitations were sent out to large gaming websites anywhere from a few weeks ago to a few days ago by Nintendo and/or TPCi. Also, no fan sites (or at least just PokeBeach, lol) are allowed in the event. The room the event is taking place in is decorated with red and blue LED lights and Junichi Masuda stands at a podium in front of a projector screen.

We don’t know what information we will learn, but this post will be updated whenever we hear anything from attendees. I also sort of think the trailer I posted photos of earlier wasn’t meant to be shown that early since when we went back, its TV was off. When we went back again later, it was playing the trailer from today’s Nintendo Direct. Maybe they accidentally played it early? So maybe a lot of the reveals will have to do with that?

  • 7:30: That’s a wrap!
  • 7:25: You can ride Pokemon in areas that you need help, such as Rhydon in rocky terrain.
  • 7:24: Online battles will basically be the same as before, but you can pick which music you want to use for them!
  • 7:22: There will be many different transportation methods, but some are localized to part of the region.
  • 7:21: The PSS & 3DS Friend List are fully integrated.
  • 7:21: There will be a rival but the focus will be on connecting with others now instead of just the rival.
  • 7:20: No comment on the game’s villainous team(s).
  • 7:18: Someone asked about Mewtwo formes and they replied with “no comment.” lol.
  • 7:16: The game music will apparently be less digitized now. Will have a different feeling.
  • 7:14: There is 8-directional movement. It’s still a grid because it’s easier for players to understand. It’s also better for encountering wild Pokemon. Roller skates and other things can move the character off the grid though.
  • 7:12: EVs and IVs will be more visible in X/Y.
  • 7:10: Clauncher and Skrelp confirmed to be two of the Pokemon from our previous post.
  • 7:10: Here’s a photo of Sky Battles and a photo of Horde Encounters. Sky Battles employ many different camera angles.
  • 7:09: No to Red and Blue on Virtual Console.
  • 7:06: The region is based on France. They wanted to focus on beauty.
  • 7:05: They’re not revealing the amount of new Pokemon yet. (Probably because it’s not finalized?)
  • 7:03: Fairy-type was created partly to combat the imbalance of Dragon-type’s power and some imbalances in the type chart. Just like Dark and Steel back in Generation II.
  • 7:02: Pokemon can be imported from previous games.
  • 7:01: Now it’s Q&A for 30 minutes. The first question is if there will be more than one save file allowed. The answer is no.
  • 7:01: Photos are apparently allowed now that the presentation is over. This again reinforces that they accidentally leaked the trailer I posted earlier.
  • 7:00: Okay, so it seems that my thoughts were correct – they probably didn’t mean to show that trailer earlier. The one person they probably didn’t want to be there if they accidentally leaked something just happened to be there right when they accidentally leaked something. @[email protected] No wonder TPCi isn’t happy with us – but hey, we didn’t know it wasn’t meant to be shown!
  • 6:59: Pokemon has announced that’s the end of the presentation. They’ll be posting a recap video tomorrow.
  • 6:56: The Sky Battle demo is still going on, and Pokemon’s Twitter made a point of saying Talonflame was switched out for Haunter and that it’s surprisingly not a Flying-type. So this is obvious confirmation that as our leaker said Pokemon with Levitate are allowed.
  • 6:54: Talonflame, a new Fire- and Flying-type Pokemon, has just been revealed in a Sky Battle demo against Noctowl. It’s the bird we showed earlier today.
  • 6:53: As our leaker revealed, Sky Battles are limited to Flying-type Pokemon and a few others (Pokemon with Levitate?). A demo is about to be shown.
  • 6:53: Sky Battles have been confirmed.
  • 6:51: Hordes are meant to balance difficulty and keep people from capturing a powerful Pokemon in the wild and breezing through.
  • 6:50: There will now be a new battle scenario called “Horde Encounters” – it’s what we saw in the previous post with Froakie vs. the Houndour. Your Pokemon vs. 5, and they can be different ones. You have to battle all of them.
  • 6:49: Pokemon you play with in Pokemon-Aime will be stronger in battles.
  • 6:47: Masuda is discussing Pokemon-Aime.
  • 6:45: Backtracking. Other Pokemon will apparently be rideable too, including Rhydon, which is shown in the game startup screen.
  • 6:43: Backtracking, but there was apparently a new Fire-type shown that looks like a small dog.
  • 6:40: There have been 80 million trades since D/P.
  • 6:38: The games feature multiple camera angles and viewpoints, even split screen.
  • 6:35: Skrelp is a Poison- and Water-type Pokemon (the seahorse from the previous post?). Clauncher is a Water-type Pokemon (the crustacean from the previous post?).
  • 6:32: It communicates via local StreetPass and Wi-Fi to track even people you pass by.
  • 6:31: The new PSS (Player Search System) will allow players to search for others locally or globally (via Wi-Fi) to battle and trade.
  • Perhaps that explains the German woman from earlier today.
  • 6:28: Players will be able to choose from 1 of 7 languages to play the game (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, or Korean).
  • 6:25: Mr. Masuda has now taken the stage.
  • As of 6:22 it doesn’t appear that anything groundbreaking has been revealed.

To discuss any news revealed, check out this thread on our forums!

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