Live from E3: Three More New X/Y Pokemon and One New Character!

I’m live here at E3 and have just been treated to a new trailer for Pokemon X and Y revealing three new Pokemon and a new female character. My photos are below. None of the characters have been named as of yet.

The seahorse-looking Pokemon uses a Poison-type attack. The bird one looks like an evolution of Fletchling and used an (obviously) Flying-type attack. The blue crustacean thing used a Water-type attack.

I have no idea why the blond lady is speaking German – everything else in the trailer is in English, so she is probably an actual German-speaking character. According to an online translator, she says, “Do you want to have a sky battle with me?” This matches with what our source told us about a new type of battle system for Flying-type Pokemon and Pokemon with Levitate. (And here’s the other info he sent us.) The bird Pokemon is Flying-type and Haunter has Levitate, so they’re obviously demonstrating that new type of battle system. However, both Pokemon only look to be in the air with no other apparent differences than normal battles (at least in this trailer). Right after the lady’s scene is when we see the bird Pokemon, so it is most likely hers. It should also be noted that there are a couple of spiky crystals in the area where she resides, though this could just be part of the landscape and not related.

There was also a scene where Froakie faces off against several Houndour (just as you see below). Will there be one vs. many battles?

Tonight I will attempt to attend the X and Y developer conference, though I probably won’t get in since the event is invite-only for large gaming organizations. Stay tuned though!

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