‘CoroCoro’ Leaking, Reveals More New Pokemon

CoroCoro is currently leaking, revealing a couple of new characters and new Pokemon. Keep in mind that all of the names below are the Japanese names and will change for the English translation of the games. Thanks goes to Puddizzle for the translations!

CoroCoro Pokemon X and Y CoroCoro Pokemon X and Y CoroCoro Pokemon X and Y CoroCoro Pokemon X and Y CoroCoro Pokemon X and Y CoroCoro Pokemon X and Y
  • 1st scan: Shishiko is the Lion Cub Pokemon and is Fire/Normal. It learns a new attack called War Cry which lowers the target’s Attack. This Pokemon has a temper, is quick to fight, and lives in packs. When they become stronger, they leave their packs to go live alone. The red bang on its head emits heat. This Pokemon was first shown last night at the X/Y roundtable.
  • 2nd scan: Furabebe, the Lone Flower Pokemon, is a Fairy-type. It can learn Fairy Wind. When this Pokemon is born, it looks for a flower and stays with it for its entire life. There may be Furabebe that are holding on to different flowers in the games.
  • 3rd scan: Vivillon has two pre-evolutions named Kofukimushi and Kofuurai (one of these is Spewpa). Both are Bug-type.
  • 4th scan: Pansy (left) will appear in the TV show on July 18th with a Gogoat and Helioptile. She’s a photographer from Lumiose City. Viola (right) is the Gym Leader of Hakudan City. She specializes in the Bug-type. She carries a video camera around.
  • 5th/6th scan: Asame Town is the starting town. The characters shown are from left to right Toroba, Tieruno, and Sana (Sana resembles one of the characters from an earlier trailer who’s following you in the forest). All three are from Asame Town, begin their Pokemon journeys with you, and you befriend them at the beginning of the story. You also befriend the opposite-gender character, who is either Callum if you play as a girl or Serena if you play as a boy (in Japanese, at least). He or she lives next door to you.