Zapdos-EX and Moltres-EX Featured in October’s Kyurem Battle Strength Decks

The “Battle Strength Black Kyurem-EX” and “Battle Strength White Kyurem-EX” decks we first learned about back in June have finally been revealed! The first deck will feature BW6’s Black Kyurem-EX with alternate artwork as well as a brand new Zapdos-EX (Plasma); the second deck will feature White Kyurem-EX and Moltres-EX (Plasma). Both decks will contain 60 cards each, cost 1,680 yen, and will be released in Japan on October 19th. Previously, Articuno-EX (Plasma) was confirmed to be a part of Plasma Gale, so now we know all of the Legendary Birds will see a release this time around!

Black and White Kyurem-EX Battle Strength Decks