‘Dragons Exalted’ Blister Packs to Also Feature Scolipede and Lilligant

Update (2:45 PM) – The other one-pack blister will apparently feature Petilil and Lilligant from Noble Victories, as you can see below. However, we have been told the card images used are in fact placeholders and might not be the Petilil and Lilligant that are actually released. There is an unreleased Japanese promo Lilligant, so it’s possible we may see that in the pack instead. Thanks goes to the Card Team for sending us these images!

The second Dragons Exalted three-pack blister will feature Scolipede from Emerging Powers. As revealed previously, the set’s other three-pack blister features Chandelure while the one-pack blister features Excadrill. All three cards are reprints that will likely be given the promo holo treatment.

Dragons Exalted Blister Pack featuring Scolipede Dragons Exalted Blister Pack featuring Petilil and Lillgant