New ‘Team Plasma Gift Set,’ ‘Exciting Battles for Everyone’ Decks in November

A 30-card “Team Plasma Gift Set” will be released in Japan on November 16th, featuring the first Ghestis card in the TCG, Darkrai, Giratina, Bisharp, and Cofagrigus. It is unclear if the Pokemon cards used in the product image below are placeholders or not since they do not carry the “Dummy” label over them. The gift set will also come with a Plasma deck box, 32 card sleeves, a coin, a playmat, and a tip booklet. The entire package will cost 3,150 yen.

Team Plasma Gift Set

On the same day, eight new 15-card decks called “Exciting Battles for Everyone” will be released. Virizion, Victini, Keldeo, Pikachu, Meloetta, Terrakion, Zoroark, and Cobalion will each have their own deck, representing all of the TCG’s elemental types spare Dragon and Colorless. It is unclear if the cards will be new or reprints. The eight 15-card decks will come in one package costing 3,500 yen along with a deck box, 32 card sleeves, two coins, two playmats, a how to play booklet, and a guide for using the decks.

Exciting Battles for Everyone Decks