Fall 2012 Tins: ‘Legendary EX Tins’ + ‘Dragons Exalted’ Theme Decks!

Update #2 (10:30 AM) – Added higher-quality version of the tins below; click the thumbnail for a larger image. | Update (5:00 AM) – Added Dragons Exalted theme deck images below.

We have received an exclusive image of the upcoming Fall 2012 tins, dubbed the “Legendary EX Tins,” which will be released in America on September 30th. As reported previously, they will feature promo card versions of Mewtwo-EX, Darkrai-EX, and Rayquaza-EX, but with alternate artwork. Each tin will cost $15.99 and will include one of the promos, four Black and White series booster packs, and a TCGO code card.

Fall 2012 Tins: Legendary EX Tins Featuring Mewtwo-EX, Darkrai-EX, Rayquaza-EX

The theme decks for Dragons Exalted have also been revealed, featuring Garchomp and Hydreigon. Both cards come from Japan’s BW5 Dragon Blade / Dragon Blast set and are Dragon-type Pokemon. Thanks goes to TPCi via PokeCollection for the below image!

Dragons Exalted Theme Decks Featuring