Shokotan Spills Existence of Keldeo Forme: ‘Keldeo Resolution Forme’

If you remember back to before Black and White came out, no one had a clue what typings Reshiram and Zekrom would be. Shokotan, the host of Pokemon Smash and a lover of Electric-type Pokemon, accidentally posted on her blog that she loved Electric types and for that reason, she loved Zekrom. Thus, she inadvertently spilled that Zekrom would be an Electric-type before it was revealed by anyone. After posting it, she realized her mistake and immediately removed the information.

Shokotan has done it once again, though if she keeps “accidentally” spilling things, we’re going to start wondering if she’s actually doing it on purpose! Shokotan will be voicing Keldeo in the upcoming Kyurem vs. the Sacred Swordsman movie. While reading her blog today, we were able to catch her stating the following (thanks goes to Gin for the translation). Of course, she has now deleted the sentences from her post.

Keldeo’s Resolution Forme is a must-see. Keldeo doesn’t cry out much but he will in the instant he becomes Resolution Forme!!! I ad-libbed my own kind of scream, which you can go see at the theater! Wow, already 6 years in a row… [voicing characters in Pokemon movies].

Keldeo’s Resolution Forme will most likely be revealed in CoroCoro magazine next week. Judging by what she says about it crying out more in its Resolution Forme, it’s probably more confident and powerful (like Shaymin Land Forme -> Shaymin Sky Forme in the 11th movie).