‘Black’ and ‘White’ Sequel To Be Announced on ‘Pokemon Smash’ This Week?

Game Freak director Junichi Masuda held a Q&A session at Tokyo’s Pokemon Center this past Saturday. One fan asked him, “Please tell us some information about Black and White‘s sequel,” to which he replied, “I can’t answer that yet. Well, I can say to watch the next Pokemon Smash” (4:30 in the video below). A few hours later, he posted to his Twitter, “Please watch next week’s Pokemon Smash live or check my Twitter!”

Are we going to get our “Pokemon Gray” announcement this week? The episode in question will air in Japan on Sunday, February 26th (this coming Saturday afternoon in America). Masuda’s comments don’t necessarily confirm that Pokemon Smash is going to reveal anything (he just says to watch the show in response to the fan), though no one can doubt his comment seems to be implying something will happen. Thanks goes to AAPF for researching this news story. Guess we’ll find out soon if there will be an announcement! If it’s not coming this week, it may be within the next month, as CoroCoro implied.