Surprising Announcement Promised in Next ‘CoroCoro,’ More Keldeo Artwork

Announcement in Next CoroCoro

CoroCoro magazine revealed in its current edition that next month’s issue will contain something important. The teaser below says, “There will be a surprising announcement of more than Keldeo?!” Thanks goes to DorianBlack for the translation!

CoroCoro has a history of hyping unimportant information, but in this case, the statement could be referring to a new forme for Kyurem. The December and January editions hinted that Kyurem has an “unseen” power and that there is a secret to Kyurem’s ice, both of which have yet to be revealed by the magazine. Additionally, we just discovered a placeholder for a Kyurem forme in Black and White‘s coding, meaning a new forme will more than likely exist. So now seems to be the appropriate time to reveal a new forme for Kyurem if it’s going to get one, especially since it would be featured in the movie.

Anime artwork of Keldeo has also been released, as you can see below. It looks like its hooves have holes in them – that’s how it shoots out its own water to glide across bodies of water. The first image below is of its full Ken Sugimori artwork.

Keldeo Ken Sugimori Artwork Keldeo Keldeo Keldeo Keldeo, Terrakion, Virizion, Cobalion, The Three Musketeers Keldeo, Terrakion, Virizion, Cobalion, The Three Musketeers