‘CoroCoro’ Hints at Keldeo Reveal, Kyurem Secret

CoroCoro magazine is once again teasing us with 15th movie tidbits. It asks in the scan below, “What is the secret of Kyurem’s ice?” and “The Legendary Pokemon Kyurem has awakened! Could this be some kind of omen!?” The ice question could be hinting at a new forme for Kyurem or even the two attacks hidden in Black and White‘s coding, Ice Burn and Freeze Shock, which are speculated to be two of Kyurem’s future signature moves (perhaps given to it through a movie download promotion). Guess we’ll find out the truth soon! If Kyurem is getting a new forme, it will probably be revealed in March or April.

The page also hints at something special for Pokemon’s 15th anniversary, referring to the poster showing popular Pokemon from the anime’s past like Squirtle, Togepi, Psyduck, Chikorita, etc. Perhaps we’ll get some sort of mini-movie featuring them (even though many of them have since evolved).

As predicted, CoroCoro promises that next month’s issue will have a “scoop” regarding a new Pokemon appearing in the 15th movie. This means Keldeo, the fourth member of the Musketeer Trio, is probably going to be revealed within the next few weeks. Thanks goes to Bangiras for all the translations!

Movie 15 Ad in CoroCoro Hinting at Keldeo and Maybe a Kyurem Forme