‘Next Destinies’ To Feature Special Etching on FA Cards; Three More EX Cards

A new press release for Next Destinies has revealed that the set’s full art cards will feature a “special etching treatment never done before in the TCG cards industry.” Perhaps since Japan’s ultra rares feature beautiful holo paper that isn’t used in America (perhaps because the paper is not available internationally), TPCi is trying to give us something else special instead.

Additionally, Reshiram-EX, Zekrom-EX, and Mewtwo-EX were revealed, as you can see below; click the thumbnails for larger images. So far, we know they as well as Kyurem-EX and Regigigas-EX will be in the set. Will the other three be Shaymin-EX, Kyogre-EX, and Groudon-EX?