New Pokemon Game to be Revealed Next Month!

Purposefully a day late with this news because of yesterday’s big TCG update!

This month’s CoroCoro has promised that next month’s issue will reveal a brand new Pokemon game! Whether or not it will be a main series game or a side game remains to be seen. The past three main series releases (BW, HGSS, Platinum) were all revealed in April and May of the years they were released, but this one is being announced in January, so we’ll see what happens. The game news may break before CoroCoro reveals it, such as on Pokemon Smash or at the Jump Festa trade show, so be sure to keep checking back here!

If the new game is a main series game, the obvious contenders are Ruby and Sapphire remakes or a “Pokemon Gray.” Since Kyurem is in the 15th movie this summer, a “Pokemon Gray” seems more likely to be made first, especially if Kyurem gets a new Forme like Giratina did in the 11th movie (and with its odd design, it seems likely). Either way, we’ll find out soon what’s going on!