BW4 ‘Dark Rush’ Officially Revealed

Update (8:30 AM, Saturday) – Clarified the Ability text on Volcarona a bit.

Dark Rush, the fourth Black & White set, has officially been announced on We already knew about the set last month, but to reiterate, it will feature 69 cards (excluding secret rares), will focus on Dark-type Pokemon, and will have Trainers that benefit Dark-types. Tonight, it was revealed that a holo promo Volcarona will be given out to people who purchase a booster box of the set, meaning we can safely assume the same Volcarona will appear in the set with different artwork (as with all booster box promos recently). The set’s booster box design has also revealed that Galvantula and Piplup will appear in the set, meaning their evolutionary relatives will as well. Dark Rush will be released in Japan on December 16th.

BW4 Volcarona Promo

Volcarona – Fire – HP110
Stage 1 – Evolves from Larvesta

Ability: Burning Scales
As long as this Pokemon is in play, the number of damage counters placed on your opponent’s Burned Pokemon between turns for Burn damage is now 4.

[R][C][C] Heat Wind: 70 damage. You may choose 1 Energy attached to this Pokemon and discard it. If you do, the opponent’s Active Pokemon is now Burned.

Weakness: Water (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 3