Scans and Video of ‘Super Snivy Box’ and ‘Zoroark Illusions Collection’ – 3D Cards!

Thanks to Spanky, we now have scans of the “Super Snivy Box” and “Zoroark Illusions Collection.” As reported previously, each box comes with a promo jumbo “3D” card – each features the Energy type of the Pokemon tiled in the background. The cards are printed on a thick plastic lenticular material, so the Energy types in the background are expressed in 3D. Video demonstrating the effect is below.

To review, the “Super Snivy Box,” along with the “Terrific Tepig Box” and “Outstanding Oshawott Box,” come with a jumbo 3D promo card of its Starter Pokemon and evolutions, named either _______’s Snivy, _______’s Tepig, or _______’s Oshawott. The boxes also contain holo versions of the featured Starter Pokemon from the first Black & White set, a figurine (the same that were released in the BW Preview Tins), three Emerging Powers booster packs, and a TCG Online code card. Click the thumbnails below for larger images.

Owner's Snivy Jumbo Black and White Set Snivy Holo Super Snivy Box - Front Super Snivy Box - Back Super Snivy Box - Trading Card Game Online Card

The Zoroark box will be released in October for $11.99. Each box will come with a holo promo Zoroark card, the jumbo 3D version of the same card, two Emerging Powers booster packs, and one Call of Legends booster pack. The box also comes with a TCG Online code card which will unlock the Zoroark promo, a random booster pack, and a Zoroark avatar within the program.

BW19 Zoroark Jumbo BW19 Zoroark Promo Zoroark Illusions Collection - Front Zoroark Illusions Collection - Back Zoroark Illusions Collection - Trading Card Game Online Card