All Pokemon League Promos for 2011-2012

We have obtained a list of all the Pokemon League promos for the next year. As we reported before, during each Gym-themed season, you will be able to earn a pin shaped like the Gym badge, a promo of one of the Gym Leader’s Pokemon, and a basic holo Energy. We have also listed the Pokemon that will be featured on the League materials, such as the posters and scorecards. We should have scans of the first season’s materials in a few weeks!

First Season

  • Pin: Trio Badge
  • Featured: Pansage, Pansear, Panpour
  • Promo: Lillipup
  • Promo: Grass Energy

Second Season

  • Pin: Basic Badge
  • Featured: Herdier
  • Promo: Watchog
  • Promo: Fire Energy

Third Season

  • Pin: Insect Badge
  • Featured: Dwebble
  • Promo: Whirlipede
  • Promo: Psychic Energy

Fourth Season

  • Pin: Bolt Badge
  • Featured: Zebstrika
  • Promo: Zebstrika
  • Promo: Lightning Energy

Fifth Season

  • Pin: Quake Badge
  • Featured: Krokorok, Excadrill
  • Promo: Krokorok
  • Promo: Fighting Energy

Sixth Season

  • Pin: Jet Badge
  • Featured: Swoobat, Unfezant
  • Promo: Unfezant
  • Promo: Metal Energy

Seventh Season

  • Pin: Freeze Badge
  • Featured: Beartic, Vanillish
  • Promo: Cryogonal
  • Promo: Water Energy

Eighth Season

  • Pin: Legend Badge
  • Featured: Fraxure, Druddigon
  • Promo: Fraxure
  • Promo: Darkness Energy