‘Pokemon Smash’ to Reveal Details of a Mewtwo Distribution Next Week

In light of Mewtwo being featured in BW3 Psycho Drive and Hail Blizzard, which will be released on Friday, yesterday’s episode of Pokemon Smash was dedicated to Mewtwo and reviewed many of its TCG, video game, and anime appearances to date. But to really celebrate Mewtwo, the show announced that it will play Mewtwo Returns next week and that Junichi Masuda will come on the show to reveal details of a Black and White Mewtwo distribution! We’ll post whatever distribution details he reveals when the show airs (if CoroCoro‘s release next week doesn’t spoil it first), so be sure to check back!

It’s not surprising Mewtwo will be given out soon considering the newest generation of players probably do not own HeartGold and SoulSilver and may not even know much about Mewtwo with the whole “fifth generation reset.” Most children today weren’t even born when Mewtwo was first cloned from Mew! So, the show is seemingly “updating” newer players by showing them the history of everyone’s favorite first generation Legendary.

Note: Many sites are reporting that Junichi Masuda is revealing a new Pokemon game next week, but there is no factual basis for this. The mistake came from sites misinterpreting the episode summary on Pokemon Smash‘s website early yesterday, which states the “latest game information” will be revealed on September 18th’s episode. Many took that to be news of a new game. But then after yesterday’s episode actually aired, it became obvious that next week’s episode summary is simply referring to the Mewtwo distribution that Mr. Masuda will detail. There could be a game announcement since Mr. Masuda rarely comes on the show and when he does he usually announces something big, but at this time there is simply no evidence to confirm it.