2011-12 Play! Pokemon Information

It looks like some exciting changes are in store for the 2011-2012 Play! Pokemon season; some preliminary details have finally been announced on Pokemon.com. You can read the news release below.

The Pokémon Organized Play team has several exciting announcements regarding the upcoming 2011-2012 Play! Pokémon tournament season.

Major changes are underway for the new 2011-2012 Play! Pokémon tournament seasons for both Trading Card Game and Video Game players. These changes should add more excitement and opportunities to play and win throughout the year.

Please read through these new changes to see what’s in store for players this season.

Championship Points

Pokémon Championship Series events will now award Championship Points for top finishers. These points are cumulative, meaning you’ll never lose a point on the way to your ultimate goal of earning an invitation to the Pokémon World Championships!

Beginning with Battle Road Autumn events, you can find the Championship Point breakdown in each of Championship Series event FAQ, along with the prize listings. In addition, you can review the 2011 Play! Pokémon FAQ for details on what points are awarded, and what the event point limits are, and other important info for each series.

[Here’s a page detailing more information about the points.]

Regional Championships

Beginning in 2011, North American Regional Championships will now take place multiple times per season. In the 2011-2012 season, Regional Championships will be held in mid-November, and again in mid-April. Our goal is to create more opportunities for players to attend “destination” events than in the past. In the long term, we hope to hold such events throughout the country each quarter. Visit the TCG Regional Championships page for more information.

Video Game Championships

Video Game Regional Championships in North America are now a part of the Play! Pokémon Regional Championship Series. Video Game Regional events will take place in the same locations and on the same weekends as the TCG Regional Championships. This means that the number of events in North America will increase to 15, including 2 events in Canada! TCG events will take place on Saturday, and VG events will take place on Sunday. Visit the Video Game Regional Championships page for more details!

Play! Points

Beginning in early 2012, we’ll be implementing our Play! Points system to replace the existing Rewards Program. Players will earn Play! Points by simply attending qualifying Play! Pokémon events, with “destination events” earning you even more points. Play! Points will reward you for being an active Pokémon player—win or lose. Some special events each year will require Play! Points for entry. Plus, the top Play! Point earners in each division will earn Player of the Year honors for their dedication! We’ll have more details on the Play! Points program in the coming months. Until then, don’t worry; all qualifying events you attend in the months leading up to the launch of the system will count toward your Play! Points totals.