‘Noble Victories’ Booster Packs, Theme Decks, Blister Pack

Laptop is completely broken and will take a few weeks to repair, which means it’ll be harder to update right away. Also, my grad skewl starts Monday! :)

New product images have been released for Noble Victories, revealing that three of the four booster packs will picture Victini, Druddigon, and Hydreigon on their covers. The theme decks, on the other hand, will feature Escavalier and Accelgor from Red Collection as special holos. And finally, the three-pack blister of the set will contain a holo promo Scraggy (BW25), Axew (BW26), or Litwick (BW27) (check the previous news story to see them). Click the thumbnails below for larger images. Remember, the set will be released in November and the prereleases will take place in October.

Noble Victories Booster Packs with Victini and Druddigon Noble Victories Theme Decks with Escavalier and Accelgpr Noble Victories Blister Pack with Axew Promo