P!P Premiere Event Schedule to Change This Year: Two-Day Regionals!

Update (11:45 PM): Thanks to Chairman Kaga, we now know that half of Regionals will move to November while the other half will stay in April. Because they will be split in half, attendance will obviously be much higher at each event, which is why TPCi has decided to make ALL of them two-day events!

We have received word that premiere events will be running on a different schedule this year – at least for Southern California. Whereas normally a Regional would be held on either the Saturday or Sunday of a specific weekend in April, this season, SoCal’s will take place early from November 12th to 13th as a two-day event! We also know this will not be the only change to the Play! Pokemon system this upcoming season – there will be more surprises.

We have also heard that other Regionals may be held earlier this season as well, though for now SoCal’s is the only one confirmed for the earlier date and the second day. We know for a fact that NorCal’s Regional will still be held in April next year, so what could this mean? Are more active areas of the United States going to get longer and earlier Regionals, or even two? Is SoCal being used as a testing ground this year? And what about the K-Value system – is it going to change as a result of this? We should find out more information on September 1st when P!P releases information for the upcoming season.

2011-2012 Schedule (thus far)

  • ‘Emerging Powers’ Prereleases: Aug. 14th – 27th
  • Fall Battle Roads: Sep. 17th – Oct. 16th
  • ‘Noble Victories’ Prereleases: Oct. 29th – Nov. 6th
  • Regional Championships: Nov. 12th – 13th (Confirmed only for SoCal at this time)
  • City Championships: Nov. 25th – Jan. 8th

2010-2011 Schedule

  • ‘HS – Undaunted’ Prereleases: Aug. 7th – 27th
  • Fall Battle Roads (K-Value: 4): Sept. 18th – Oct. 10th
  • ‘HS – Triumphant’ Prereleases: Oct. 23rd – 31st
  • City Championships (K-Value: 16): Nov. 26th – Jan. 9th
  • ‘Call of Legends’ Prereleases: Jan. 29th – Feb. 6th
  • State Championships (K-Value: 32): Mar. 12 & Mar. 19
  • Regional Championships (K-Value: 32): Apr. 16th
  • ‘Black & White’ Prereleases: Apr. 22nd – May 1st
  • Spring Battle Roads (K-Value: 4): May 21st – Jun. 12th
  • National Championships (K-Value: 32): Jul. 8th – 10th
  • World Championships: Aug. 11th – 14th