‘Emerging Powers’ Blister Pack Promos + Future Promos

Promos that will be given out with Emerging Powers blister packs include Pansage (BW11), Zorua (BW12), and Minccino (BW13), all of which are holographic. Pansage or Zorua come in a blister pack with three booster packs of the set and a Reshiram and Zekrom coin. Minccino, on the other hand, comes in a blister pack with one Emerging Powers booster pack and one “Sampling Pack” that includes three random commons from the set. The blister packs are not out at most stores yet but should be within the next month or so. Thanks goes to Daniel V. for the scan of Minccino below.

The official Pokemon Trading Card Game Online program has also updated with upcoming Black & White promos very early (perhaps accidentally), revealing promos #18 to #27. Since the promos were just added to the program, some of them do not have actual images yet; the ones that do are posted below (note that they are not actual scans, but images the program generates, which is why they look fake). Thanks goes to Bodhii from our forums for uncovering them! Refer to the list below for all the upcoming promos and what products they come in.

Pansage Black and White Promo (#11) Zorua Black and White Promo (#12) Minccino Black and White Promo (#13) Darkuma Black and White Promo (#18) Scraggy Black and White Promo (#25)