McDonalds Promotion Starts Tomorrow

The McDonalds promotion starts tomorrow in which you can receive one of twelve holo TCG promos as well as one of eight toys when you purchase a Happy Meal. The official Happy Meal website has now posted a flash demo showing how each of the toys works: Reshiram’s arms move, Oshawott bobbles in place, Tepig’s tail glows red, Snivy bobbles and moves, Zoroark twists and slashes, Pikachu’s cheeks glow red, Zorua sits and hops, and Zekrom’s arms and wings move. The Pokemon promotion will last until July 7th. So as to not grow chubby and unhealthy, most McDonalds restaurants allow you to buy their toys separately for a little less than the price of a Happy Meal, so you might want to check into that if you plan to collect all of the cards and toys! :p

McDonalds Toys