Images of McDonalds Pokemon Toys and Cards

Would’ve posted this yesterday but my laptop decided to die just as I was beginning to write the story. And right before finals week when I need it most!

Thanks to McDonalds employee Matt M., we now have photos of the posters McDonalds restaurants will soon be posting to advertise the upcoming Pokemon promotion; click the thumbnails below to enlarge them. As we already knew, you will receive a toy of Pikachu, Reshiram, Oshawott, Zoroark, Tepig, Zekrom, Snivy, or Zorua when you purchase a Happy Meal in addition to one of 12 TCG cards. The promotion will last from June 17th to July 7th.

The 12 cards are (from left to right): Pidove, Audino, Sandile, Snivy, Maractus, Blitzle, Oshawott, Tepig, Munna, Klink, Alomomola, and Zorua. Audino, Maractus, and Alomomola are all direct reprints from the Black & White set, but the other nine cards are all new to America, which is surprising since these types of promotions almost always reprint existing cards. The other cards are originally from the Journey Partner Promo Collections that were released in Japan last September (Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott were already released here in the Black and White Preview Tins, but with alternate backgrounds in their artwork, so the cards in this promotion are technically new since they use the original backgrounds). It appears the card images used in the poster have the Japanese glittery holofoil effect on them, which means the cards will likely be holo in real life! Yay!

McDonalds Pokemon Promotion Toys McDonalds Pokemon Promotion Toys