BW Promos Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Pansage, Pidove, Axew

And yet more Black & White promos have been revealed! You can get Snivy (BW06), Tepig (BW07), or Oshawott (BW08) in Black & White blister packs, which come in two varieties. One package comes with three booster packs of the set, a sampling pack with three random commons, a Starter Pokemon coin, and one of the promos, all for $11.99. A smaller blister pack contains just one booster pack, a sampling pack, and one of the promos for $3.99. Thanks goes to Shakespeare for the scans below; click them for larger images. The promos were originally part of a t-shirt promotion in Japan, though Zorua, Minccino, and Pokedex from the same promotion have yet to be released in America.

Snivy Black and White Promo (#6) Tepig Black and White Promo (#7) Oshawott Black and White Promo (#8)

Pansage (BW14), Pidove (BW15), and Axew (BW16) are also available via the Egg Promotion at Toys R Us. You can buy a blister pack which contains two of the set’s packs and one of the three promos for $9.99. However, you cannot see which card you are getting. The three promos were originally available in two varieties during the same Egg Promotion in Japan last December. One of the three below was blindly given out after buying two booster packs of Black and White Collection at 7-Eleven stores. At all other stores, however, the same promos with different art were given out; so far, only the Axew (BW10) has been released in America. Thanks goes to menoknow3 for the scans below.

Pansage Black and White Promo (#14) Pidove Black and White Promo (#15) Axew Black and White Promo (#16)

Also, I forgot to mention that the Black & White prerelease promo is a holo Darmanitan. The card is actually a regular rare in the set, so it is only available as a holo when you attend prereleases. Thanks goes to Pokepower22 for the scan!

Darmanitan from Black and White (#25, holo)
  • BW01 – Snivy
  • BW02 – Tepig
  • BW03 – Oshawott
  • BW004 – Reshiram
  • BW005 – Zekrom
  • BW06 – Snivy
  • BW07 – Tepig
  • BW08 – Oshawott
  • BW09 – Zoroark
  • BW10 – Axew
  • BW11 – ?????
  • BW12 – ?????
  • BW13 – ?????
  • BW14 – Pansage
  • BW15 – Pidove
  • BW16 – Axew