Special Code Cards in B/W Boosters Activate Full TCGO Program

Some booster packs of Black & White contain an additional card with a unique code that grants early access to the full version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online program. The full version allows players to battle each other online rather than just computer opponents, so this is an awesome opportunity to try out the full version before its fall release. A scan of a code card’s front and back is below courtesy of Baby Mario.

Not only will the cards activate the full program, but each code also “grants accounts access to pre-populated inventory on loan from TCG Online for the duration of the closed beta so that players can build decks and play. Each additional code redeemed will grant additional product for testing.” In other words, the more codes you enter, the more cards you will be able to use in your decks during the beta period (from now until fall).

If you received booster packs with the code cards at your prereleases, you will be able to activate them starting Tuesday, April 26th. You can input the codes by manually typing them in or scanning the code cards with a webcam. Remember, not all booster packs have the code cards; there is a way to check if booster boxes do, however. The front bottom left of some booster boxes say “Each booster pack contains 1 code card. This card gives you preview access to the Pokemon TCG online.” All booster packs in boxes with this label will have the code cards while those without the label will not.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online code card - front Pokemon Trading Card Game Online code card - back