Toys R Us Egg Promotion Download and Promos

Toys R Us will be holding the same egg promotion that took place in Japan earlier this year in celebration of Ash’s new egg in the show: you will have the chance to download one of three eggs which will hatch into either Pidove (Ash’s), Pansage (Cilan’s), or Axew (Iris’s). The promotion will take place from April 27th to May 31st. Each of the Pokemon will have attacks and natures which correspond to their animé counterparts. Pidove will know Gust, Quick Attack, and Air Cutter, will have a Hardy nature, and will have its Attack IV maxed out. Pansage will know Bullet Seed, Bite, Solar Beam, Dig, will have a Brave nature, and will have its Attack IV maxed out. Axew will come with Scratch and Dragon Rage (“Dragon Sneeze”), will have a Naive nature, and will come with its Speed IV maxed out. Spoiler: The egg that hatches in the show is none of the above Pokemon; it’s a Pokemon that likes to pull up its pants.

Additionally, the store will be selling special TCG packs which come with one of the three Pokemon as promo cards. As the website says, “You can purchase Pokémon TCG: Black & White booster two-packs that include a secret promo card featuring one of the three Pokémon that may hatch from your Secret Egg!” Whether that means one booster pack with two cards or a blister package with two boosters and the promo is unknown.

Toys R Us Egg Promotion