Ring Drop Promo Scans and Future League Promos

The current Pokemon League season is called “Ring Drop” and as posted before you can win four copies of Donphan from HeartGold & SoulSilver and four copies of Spiritomb from Arceus, as you can see below; thanks goes to Duane and Jacob for the scans! Each League season will be named after a Pokeathlon event and features a Pokemon that excels at that event. Listed below are the cards you can win for the next four seasons.

Additionally, if you complete your season’s badge book, you’ll get an iron-on patch featuring the current season’s artwork. The patch can be applied to jackets, hats, etc. Images of the next four badge books are posted below so you can see what artwork will be used on the patches.

Donphan Ring Drop League Promo (#40 from HeartGold and SoulSilver) Spiritomb Ring Drop League Promo (#32 from Arceus) Ring Drop League Patch
Hurdle Dash Badge Book Snow Throw Badge Book Block Smash Badge Book Disc Catch Badge Book