First Two ‘Best Wishes’ Episodes

Last Thursday the first two Best Wishes episodes aired in Japan – To the Isshu Region! Zekrom’s Shadow!! and Iris and Kibago! I greatly enjoyed both episodes and felt they were well-done (excluding Retard trying to capture a Pokemon without weakening it first). Their flow felt “different” and the writing seemed a little more “fresh” than usual, so hopefully the writers will keep this up. You can watch the episodes below!

Oh, and I didn’t even realize Brock was gone at first. So, a eulogy is in order so that he may be remembered: Brock’s bright personality first appeared in Showdown in Pewter City, which premiered in Japan on April 29th, 1997 and in America on September 14th, 1998. He was a great lover of the Jenny and Joy and enjoyed cooking and interrupting intense battles with analysis and explanations. His goal in life was to be a Pokemon Breeder, an endeavor some would say he achieved with flying colors: after 13 years, 12 movies, one small hiatus with Professor Ivy, and around 610 episodes, he produced a total of zero Pokemon eggs (however, he made up for this by experimenting with human breeding, succeeding in almost every single case). Brock will be greatly missed for his cooking and Gym Leader expertise, a role that no one will ever fulfill.