Porygon-Z, Bronzong, and Machamp from ‘Triumphant’

Update (11:30 PM): Added Machamp (Prime) below.

Porygon-Z (#7) and Bronzong (#15) from HS – Triumphant have been revealed, as you can see below. Both cards originate from Clash at the Summit. As we said before, Triumphant is a combination of the Japanese Lost Link and Clash at the Summit sets and may be the last HeartGold & SoulSilver set if we do not get a filler set between its release and the first Black and White set. Triumphant will be released in stores on November 3rd and its prereleases will take place the two weekends prior.

Porygon Z (#7) from HS - Triumphant Bronzong (#15) from HS - Triumphant Machamp (#95) from HS - Triumphant