New ‘Black’ and ‘White’ Commercials; Only Fifth Generation Pokemon in BW

If I can find my movie notes, I’ll post a summary of The Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark within the next few days.

Two new Black and White commercials have been released over the past few days: the first one is the commercial that aired before The Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark and reveals a new shot of Team Plasma (at 0:16). The apparent leader of the team says to a group of Trainers, “What we’re discussing is liberating Pokemon.” It seems Team Plasma is like the PETA, which is fitting if Isshu is really based off locations in the United States [combined with N’s line that “Pokemon are friends”]. The second commercial, courtesy of Legendary Pokemon, shows off new footage of Shikijika and the new Pokemon Musical contests. You can watch them both below.

In addition to these videos, Junichi Masuda announced on his blog that Black and White will only feature fifth generation Pokemon until later in the game: “This time around, until the ending of the games, there are only new Pokemon. Only new Pokemon will appear! This way, adults and children alike will start from scratch, and have the fun of saying ‘what’s that Pokemon?’ just like in Red and Green. When people within the company played it, their feelings were… ‘It feels fresh because they’re all Pokemon I haven’t seen before,’ ‘I didn’t know the Pokemon types, so their attacks surprised me,’ ‘The new things make me feel like I did when I played Red and Green,’ and so on and so on, it was a really good vibe. Designing the Pokemon was an enormous feat… but my graphics team said, ‘Since everyone enjoyed it, we’re happy!’ Please play [the games] and see for yourself! Later!” Whether this fact is absolutely true remains to be seen, but there were indications that this would be the case for several months. I wouldn’t doubt there will probably be around 150 or so new Pokemon since everything seems to be resetting with this region, which some rumors have stated as well. But we’ll see!