‘Best Wishes’ Preview: New Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, New Character

TV Tokyo aired a new Best Wishes preview at the end of yesterday’s Pokemon episode and revealed two female characters who resemble Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. Since Isshu is far from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, the Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys we have known since the second episode of the show have apparently not spread that far yet. However, since the new nurse and police officer resemble the originals, they may be related – perhaps extended family (or the character designers paying homage to the originals… or the next version of the Joy and Jenny clones that a mad scientist somewhere has been unleashing on the Pokemon world since the beginning of the show… who knows at this point?). We’ve known for a while that the typical nurse from the games is not the same as the past four generations, so the anime is obviously reflecting this idea as well. After showing the new Joy and Jenny, the trailer revealed a new character named Shooti. He is a Pokemon Trainer who is taking part in the Isshu League and also doubles as a Pokemon photographer. It is unknown what his role in the story will be, though “rival” might be a good guess.

Isshu's Nurse Joy Isshu's Officer Jenny Shooti, a Pokemon Trainer and Photographer

The preview also showed a Mijumaru battling Dento in his Gym. Dento is the first Gym Leader of the Isshu region and will be joining Ash, Iris, and her Kibago on their journey (he’s Brock’s replacement while Iris is Dawn’s). If we take the layout of Dento’s Gym at face-value, he may be a Rock-type Gym Leader since the terrain has rocks everywhere. However, it’s still a bit early to say what type he is for sure. We do not know who owns Mijumaru, but a good guess would be Iris or Ash if it’s not some random Trainer’s (or even Dento’s). The clip of Mijumaru battling Dento’s unseen Pokemon confirms Mijumaru’s stomach shell is detachable, which the TCG Starter Kits from the other week first showed; Mijumaru uses the shell to defend itself from Dento’s attack. The TV trailer is below courtesy of Filb.de along with a few short clips of Shikijika, Meguroko, and Mamanbou that the TV Tokyo website just posted.