‘Black’ and ‘White’ Demo and Pamphlet Reveal New Images + One New Pokemon

There is apparently an early demo of Black and White being showcased somewhere in Japan; one poster on 2ch has posted a few photos of it. One of his photos reveals a new bird Pokemon – Hatoopoo (ハトーポー), as you can see below (the name is a little blurry, so it is subject to change). This Pokemon may be the evolution of Mamepato. The same poster has also posted scans of a pamphlet from the demo, showing new battle footage of previously revealed Black and White Pokemon. We’ll update with any new images as they are posted. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge them.

Tomorrow, The Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark will premiere in theaters. As I have been saying all week, Heerosferret and I will be seeing the first public screening. We’ll post a movie summary later in the day, but I’ll post any news – such as new Pokemon being revealed – immediately after it is shown on the screen. If something goes wrong (such as being unable to get Internet), I’ll post the news about 30 minutes after the movie ends. Tomorrow morning Japan’s time is tonight in America’s time, so be sure to check back then!

Update (5:00 AM) – Another poster on 2ch has identified the black / purple Pokemon that looks like a woman as Rankurusu (ランクルス), the green cell-shaped Pokemon as Gochiruzeru (ゴチルゼル), and the green Pokemon that resembles Larvitar as Kibago (キバゴ). However, we cannot confirm these names obviously. Stay tuned!

Update #2 (8:00 AM) – Whoops, missed posting one of the demo photos. It shows a new Pokemon, which is covered up by the photographer. Its name is partially blanked out but ends in “nezumi” (ネズミ), meaning it might be Nezumimi from the 13th movie advertisement. It knows Detect, Super Fang, Crunch and Hypnosis and is holding an Everstone.

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