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An advanced screening of The Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark took place in Japan this weekend and one fan was able to see it just as I saw Arceus and the Jewel of Life‘s early screening last year (I would have tried to go but it was apparently super private this year). The fan comments on an advertisement for Black and White preceding the movie which shows one new Pokemon. He also provides details on what was shown in the preview for next year’s movie, which will feature a new fifth generation Pokemon with big eyes and ears. Heerosferret has translated the blogger’s comments below.

Both Heerosferret and I are going to the first public screening of the movie this Saturday (Friday in U.S. time). We’ll post a movie summary a few hours after we see it. However, I will post any new Pokemon news immediately after the movie ends. Stay tuned!

For a moment you can see a battle scene with a new Pokemon called Nezumimi (portmanteau of “mouse” and “ear”). By the way, is that Chinchilla Pokemon [Chiramii] a rodent or a cat? I wouldn’t say Nezumimi isn’t of the same evolutionary line… but then again I only saw it for one instant so I can’t say for sure. [In other words, he’s saying the new Pokemon Nezumimi and the chincilla Pokemon Chiramii look similar, with Nezumimi possibly being a pre-evolution or evolution.] We also see Isshu’s Ferris Wheel.


[At the end of the movie, Reshiram and Zekrom are shown in the preview for next year’s movie.] Reshiram’s tail spouts fire like a jet engine and it flaps its wings to fly. Of course, Fire-type. Zekrom’s tail is like Mobile Suit Gundam 00’s, what is it called, solar furnace? And the inside glows blue-white, like it is generating electricity inside its body. Of course, Electric-type. At the end of the trailer, an unnamed Pokemon is waving to us. It has big eyes and pointed ears. It kind of looked like this drawing I made [to the right]. I think a part of the ears were orange, but I forgot how the body looked.

[The blogger also mention that the DSi will have a new “TV Telephone” feature where you can have a TV-phone conference with up to four people.]

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