‘Pokemon Sunday’ Shows Video Footage of ‘CoroCoro’ Screenshots

Clarification (Sunday): When I said “This means the honey building is the first Gym,” what I meant was that it is the first Gym they’ve shown us from the games, not that it is the first Gym you encounter in the Isshu region. Sorry for the confusion.

Update (6:00 PM): Our friends at Filb.de have posted higher-quality video of the footage.

Pokemon Sunday just showed several videos of the Black and White screenshots that were leaked in CoroCoro magazine last week. Among the videos were settings from the Isshu region, two short battles between Zorua and Zoroark, and wild battles with the seven new Pokemon. You can watch low-quality videos of the footage below.

Our recording of the first video started after the honey building was featured (due to technical difficulties), but I heard Gym music playing in the background as they showed the male character trying to break through a wall of honey. This means the honey building is the first Gym revealed and that it most likely specializes in Bug-type Pokemon. Also, if you watch the battle against Munna in the third video, you will see the male character’s back sprite and how Pokemon are released from their Poke Balls. The Trainer throws the ball into the air, the Pokemon is released in mid-air, and then it lands on the ground. You can faintly hear Mijumaru’s cry when it is released from its Poke Ball in the Munna battle and you can hear Tsutaaja’s when it is Knocked Out by Meguroko. Pokabu’s cry is missing in action. Chiraamii lets out its cry when Professor Araragi releases it from her Poke Ball in the first video.