Theme Deck, Blister Pack, and Booster Box Images of ‘HS – Undaunted’

We have obtained product images of HS – Undaunted, as you can see below (click the thumbnails for larger images). The booster box reveals that in addition to Houndoom, the set’s other three booster packs will feature Rayquaza, Skarmory, and Jolteon. As you can see by looking at the theme decks, they will now have a window so that buyers can see what the featured card is. Other changes to theme decks are that they will contain an extra booster pack as well as a deck box, which we revealed earlier. The set’s three-pack blister will feature a holographic Lapras card, and since Shuckle was released alongside Lapras in Japan, we can probably expect it to be its other promo. This only leaves the two-pack blister and its two promos unaccounted for, but we’ll post its contents as soon as we find out!

HS - Undaunted Booster Box HS - Undaunted Theme Decks: Nightfall and Daybreak HS - Undaunted Three-Pack Blister: Lapras promo