Da Plan for Japan

Sorry for the lack of updates this week! You guys (hopefully) know I never miss news stories unless something major comes up. I’ve been packing for my trip to Japan (going today!) and there was a major emergency in the middle of this week with my 90-year old aunt that delayed a lot of what I had to do before going (took her to the emergency room, got thrown up on there… smelled minty, stayed there until 4 AM in the same room my nana was in before she died… very nice memories :/, took her to our house to watch over her for a few days, sleep schedule was completely wrecked, emotionally and physically drained, etc.). Needless to say, I had more important things to worry about this week, so I hope you all understand! :)

I’ll be getting on the plane in 10 hours and the flight lasts for 12 hours, so I’ll arrive in Japan on Saturday afternoon their time. I have a lot of news I need to post, but I obviously haven’t had the time to write it, so I’ll try to post on Saturday night or Sunday. Hopefully I’ll be able to get free Internet in the hotel; I ain’t payin’ 2000 yen a night for Internet! As for what I plan to accomplish, while I’m not expecting to replicate the success of last year’s trip with the early game footage and early movie screening, I’m going to actively be on the hunt for Pokemon news opportunities (that’s the main reason I’m going on the trip, after all – I’m not even getting credit for the classes I’m taking since they’re the same as last year’s). I’m doin’ it all for you guys!! Hopefully I’ll get some cool Black and White news. If I can’t find any I’ll go punch it out of someone. I know where you’re located, Gamefreak. :D

Oh, and I don’t have time to write down a will and all my passwords like I was able to do last year for my first trip there, so if I die for some reason (plane crash, Godzilla attack, Third Impact, angry Pokemon officials, etc.), the site goes to Bangiras, Shakepeare, and Shining Raikou. My mom’s got my (outdated) passwords in a vault somewhere (as well as Firefox profile backups on external hard drives with all the passwords), so hit her up if something happens you guys! Sell the site and I’ll kill you, merge the site with another and I’ll kill you, let it die and I’ll kill you. >:D But I myself don’t plan to die since I have too much to live for, so no worries anyway! /just-in-case-paragraph

Ja matta ya fuels!