Jirachi Wi-Fi Download

Players who live in America, Europe, and Australia can download a Jirachi via Mystery Gift from June 26th to July 16th, which unlocks the Night Sky’s Edge route on HeartGold and SoulSilver‘s PokeWalker. America and Australia already received the Jirachi earlier in the year (the former through Gamestop), but Europe has not yet. While the event has not officially been announced on Pokemon.com, players in America and Australia can still download it since all three of the aforementioned regions connect to the same servers. It is also worth noting that this Jirachi has a OT ID of “SMR2010” and an ID of “06260” while the Gamestop one’s was “GAMESTP” and “02270.”

Jirachi (Serene Grace) @ Liechi Berry – Level 5
Random Nature
Inside a Cherish Ball with a Classic Ribbon
~ Wish
~ Confusion
~ Rest
~ Draco Meteor