Next Japanese Set: ‘Clash at the Summit’; New ‘Pikachu World’ Promo Set

We’ll probably have all of the Lost Link scans and translations early Wednesday morning.

The third LEGEND set will be named Clash at the Summit and is set for release on July 8th in Japan. There will be three Legendary Pokemon: Dialga & Palkia LEGEND, Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND, and one that has not been revealed yet – possibly Groudon & Kyogre LEGEND since the two Pokemon are on the set’s booster pack. Pokemon Prime confirmed so far are Machamp, Celebi, Electrode, and Yanmega. You can see images of the cards in the ad below, though they are beta images without the attack text yet.

According to the product ad, the set will have powerful cards that will turn the game around. It lists that there will be an attack that increases the amount of your opponent’s Prize cards, an Energy that returns a Knocked Out Pokemon to your hand, and a Supporter card that only works when you have more Prize cards left than your opponent. Sounds exciting!

Also confirmed for release on July 8th is a Pikachu World mini-set, similar in concept to the old Pikachu World Collection promo set. There will be nine holo Pikachu promos: one for Japan, the United States, Italy, Korea, Spain, Germany, France, Poland, and Portugal. All of the cards will have both Japanese text and the text of the country’s language on the card, probably like the old Japanese bilingual Exeggutor promo. The package will cost 840 yen (about $8.50). Thanks goes to Sunaba Gym for digging up the above information and Bangiras for translating it!

LEGEND 3: Clash at the Summit Pikachu World Mini-Set